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Research says 5.5 Million of Canadians enjoy golf and 1.5 Million are serious golfers. These golfers are leading Canada’s golf industry but the number of golfers is going down over the years. WHY? The main reason is the weather. Most Canadian cities are very cold for 5 to 6 months each year so golfers cannot play golf for almost half a year. Golf is a sport that requires consistency and everyday practice and a 6-month break doesn’t help people improve and gain interest. Therefore, many people quit golf with frustration and walk away with nothing. New golfers have a very hard time to improve their skill level because there is not a lot of golf courses for beginners. BUT! What if you can play golf for all year around? What if you can play 18 holes of golf in just one hour without sacrificing a full day of the weekend? What if a beginner can practice and play without disturbing other people. Our business starts with these ideas.

K Golf indoor


There are so many benefits for indoor golf business.


October to April is the peak season for indoor golf as winters are very long. Even in the summer, not all days are beautiful and sunny to play golf. Screen Golf provides you with fun and exciting golf games regardless of weather and time. Also, there will be a lot of opportunities to host parties, events, and team building activities.


We provide the best golf technology equipment on the Market (Golf Wing and Zoom-In)


With accurate analysis and data, even serious golfers can improve their skill dramatically.


Easy access for beginner golf players to practice their skill without disturbing other people.


We provide a Membership for royalty customers to track their games and status with a database system


Very easy to access with online booking. You can play an 18 hole round and a couple of beers after work with your friends very easily


Our store is designed for comfortable golfing and for relaxing with friends and family

K Golf indoor

Golf Simulator (Golf Wing)

South Korea has 5 million indoor golfers and 50,000 stores all around the country with top market technology and software. We have a strong partnership with the Golf Wing Group in Korea. Golf wing is a market leader for abroad indoor golf technology and installation. We have established a contract to provide their technology to Canada. Golf wing is using 2000 FPS high-speed camera sensor to track the golf balls for speed, angle, and spins. It also utilizes an Auto-Tee-Up System to help customers for convenience.

K Golf indoor


° High tech Sensor – Provides the most accurate shot tracking data and auto adjustment with latest market technology
° Auto Tee-Up – You don’t have to bend your knees or roam around to grab the ball!
° High FPS Camera – Provides swing video for golf instruction and analysis.

K Golf indoor


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