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Golf League

2022-23 K Indoor Golf League

League matches consist of 9 rounds, 7 rounds for qualifying matches and 2 rounds for play-off matches.
Participants play 18 holes in each round at one of our simulated courses each week. Qualifying matches
go under unhandicapped and Play-off matches go under handicapped based on the average of qualifying
matches. You can play with a group of friends or play by yourself. Participants will be able to choose
from the scheduled days and times that works best for them on a weekly basis. We recommend onehour
playing for their league. Please give us a call at (403)-730-2417 with any additional league

• Period
  – 1st league : Qualifying matches – 7 November thru 23 December 2022
                       : Play-off matches – 2 January thru 15 January 2023
  – 2nd league : Qualifying matches – 30 January thru 19 March 2023
                         : Play-off matches – 3 April thru 16 April 2023
• Call K Golf at (403)-730-2417 to register from 9 am to 10 pm
• League Fee : $400 (Entry fee $100, Simulator fee $300 included)
• Simulator fee for Play-off will be extra charged after qualifying rounds
• League Fee must be paid in full at your time of registration
• Prize
  – Weekly prize : 1st 4% of the pot  / 2nd 2% of the pot  / 3rd 1% of the pot
  – Final Prize : 1st 30% of the pot  / 2nd 15% of the pot  / 3rd 6% of the pot
* If there are ties for champion, Candidate will have final round.
* The pot size will be announced on Web Site(kgolf.ca) after finalizing the registration.

• 30% of players after qualifying matches would move forward to play-off matches
• The players must play under handicap resulted from qualifying matches
• The handicap is determined by the average of the 5 rounds (except the worst 2 rounds) among the 7
rounds of the qualifying matches. And it serves as a play-off handicap.
• Maximum handicap from 1st player should be within 9 per round
• If there are tie players for the final winner after play-off matches, they will have to play for 9 holes to
be a final winner. (The schedule will be arranged by the staff of K Golf)

Call (403)-730-2417 to reserve your time each week, please state you are doing league play. When
making a reservation online, be sure to indicate that you are a league participant in the “Memo” field.
If you are not available on scheduled week, you can play in advance with notice to our staff.

• We will announce the 7 different courses from all over the world which you play during the league
• The course level varies from beginners to professionals

• You are required to take a picture of your final score card for that week and show it our staff

• No Mulligan’s will be permitted at any time. However, if the system has an error, please report to the
staff member and they will set a mulligan for you.
• The concede(gimme) range is set to be 5ft for every matches
• Men must take a tee shot from the blue tee and ladies must take a tee shot from the white tee.
• Green Speed for putting should be set up as “Fast”
• When “Out of Bounce” occurs, the 4th shot is taken at the OB Tee, not from Tee-Box
• If there is some argument regarding rule, you must respect the staff of K Golf.


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